16 September 2021
PIEP provides two new laboratories
PIEP continues to strengthen its responsiveness in terms of the services it has to support the current needs of companies, by preparing two new laboratories dedicated to testing packaging and characterizing microplastics. PIEP will carry out migration studies of substances from packaging materials to packaged products that may pose a risk to the consumer. Oxygen […]
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08 September 2021
The simulation of the production process in compliance with the high quality and requirements of the automotive industry

From the partnership between BOSCH and UMinho, PIEP, in the Innovative Car – Human Machine Interface (IC-HMI)  program, participated in the development of the new concept of car radio chassis 100% based on polymeric materials. Here, based on simulations of the production process, through Moldex3D, the most suitable functional systems were selected for the production […]

31 August 2021
Innovative thermoplastic solutions for functional and antimicrobial non-woven fabrics

The current global crisis, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, makes it essential to adapt existing industrial technologies to the development of innovative solutions that can serve as emerging technologies in a fight against two fronts, either at the level of an immediate targeted response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus or in terms of preparation […]


16 July 2021
North Portugal/Galicia center of excellence creates 30 waste-based materials
01 July 2021
Online workshop “The Future of Smart and Virtual Product Development”
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