Our facilities

Allocated in the ecosystem of the University of Minho, on the Azurém Campus, in Guimarães, and spread over a total area of 3000 m², PIEP has a processing hall, several workrooms, and dedicated testing laboratories.

Mechanical tests area

Universal mechanical testing machine Shimadzu AG-X, with 1 and 50 kN load cell, video strain gauge and thermostatic chamber that allows tests to be carried out between -70 and 280 ° C

Universal mechanical testing machine MTS C45-305E with a 300 kN load cell

Ceast Izod / Charpy Resil Pendulum

Ceast's Fractovis Plus instrumented dart impact machine, with attached thermostatic chamber that allows testing between -70 and 100 ° C

Taber 5155 abrasimeter

Shore A/D Mitutoyo durometer

Compression set device

BYK Gardner Cross-cut

Physical properties laboratory

Ohaus Pioneer analytical balance with a density measurement kit

Thermo Scientific Heraeus M110 electric muffle

Thermo Scientific Heraeus UT12 dryin oven

Atlas HVUL2 and HMV flammabilty chambers

Vötsch Industrietechnik VC3 4034 climate test chamber

Karl Fischer Mitsubishi CA 200 titration moisture meter with VA 200 vaporizer

BYK Gardner micro TRI-gloss S brightness meter

BYK Gardner spectro-guide sphere gloss S color meter

Atlas Xenotest Alpha + accelerated artificial aging chamber

LDS laboratory

Laser Direct Structuring (LPKF Fusion 3d 1100)

Chemistry laboratory

Perkin Elmer Spectrum BX Fourier-transform infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR)

Pike ATR Miracle Accessory

Ray-Ran Environmental Stress Cracking testing equipment

Soxhlet extraction system

Rheology laboratory

Göttfert Rheo Tester 2000 capillary rheometer

TA Instruments ARES parallel plate oscillatory rheometer

Göttfert MI-3 fluidity index (MFR/MVR) meter

J.P. Selecta rotational viscometer STS-2011 L

Lauda's iVisc solution polymer viscosity measurement system

Thermal properties laboratory

TA Instruments’ Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

Perkin Elmer Pyris1 thermogravimetric scale (TGA)

Ray-Ran's Vicat/HDT Polytest Equipment

Thermo Scientific Heraeus UT12 drying ovens

Engineering laboratory

Siemens NX


Simulia ABAQUS



Pré Sustainability SIMAPRO

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Cloud based HPC

Processing hall
Composites area

Contact Lamination

Vacuum infusion

Low pressure RTM


Paint and heat curing booth

Filament winding



Extrusion area

Twin-screw laboratory extruder ZSK 26 Mc (Coperion) co-rotating parallel screws for material composition with inline pelletizing system with an optional pelletizer for elastomers; nominal throughput up to 60 kg/h; up to 2 side-feeders; maximum screw speed of 1200 RPM; and a vacuum purging system;

Twin-screw micro-extruder MC 15 (Xplore) vertical co-rotating conical screws for continuous and discontinuous tests; system for controlled extrudate stretching, with a maximum screw rotation of 500 RPM; dies with 3 mm, 250 µm, 150 µm and 100 µm diameters which allows the development of strands with varying dimensions, so they can adjust to their final application.

Single-screw extruder BEX 1-45-30B (Battenfeld) throughput up to 180 kg/h for tube and profile extrusion.

Single-screw removable extruder BCE 1-30-25D (Battenfeld) which is attachable with the BEX 1-45-30B as a co-extruder allowing the processing of co-extruded profiles.

Feeders (K-Tron) for fibres, granules, powders and nano-charges.

Tube furnace HZS 1200 (Carbolite) horizontal with three heating zones for continuous or fragmented filament pyrolysis with a maximum operating temperature of 1200 ºC.

Injection moulding area

Billion 200 Tons multi-shot injection moulding machine

Plasdan 230 Tons injection moulding machine

Injection units coupler

EL0028 injection unit

Rotary table

Ferromatik 110 Tons injection moulding machine

Engel 45 tons injection moulding machine

Fanuc ROBOSHOT- αS15A 15 tons microinjection moulding machine

In-Mould Decoration integrated Kurz system (IMD-400)

Automatic Plastic Granule Dosing Unit

Plastics granules dryer

Water and Oil Temperature Control Units

Cartesian Robot Systems

Krellus Infrared Heaters

Thermographic Camara (System ThermovisionA320 FLIR)

Laser marking systems (MLT LM100)

Moldex 3D (conventional injection; gas assisted injection - GAIM); water assisted injection moulding (WAIM); metallic or ceramic powder injection (powder injection moulding - PIM); thermoplastic foam injection (FIM) by chemical or physical expanding agents (MuCell); optical performance (OPTICS + VISCOELASTICITY)


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