Our mission, vision and objectives

PIEP is a reference entity in the area of Polymer Engineering that supports the industrial needs of R&D+i worldwide, through the development of polymer-based systems and solutions with a multisectoral scope.


To be a reference entity in innovation in polymer engineering, contributing to the development of the national industry in the plastics and related sector, ensuring an excellent response in the delivery of products and services, oriented to the needs of its R&D+i associates, customers and partners based on differentiated knowledge in strategic technological domains, materializing the vocation of converting ideas into products.


Consolidate itself as a reference partner for innovation within the national and international productive fabric of the plastics and related sector, based on the promotion of the principles of sustainable development, seeking to create value on an ongoing basis through the materialization of new ideas, fostering the economic development and industrial competitiveness.

Institutional Objectives

The main objectives of PIEP activity are:

• Contribute to the international recognition of the national competence installed in terms of the development of polymer-based systems and solutions with multisectoral coverage;

• Contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of companies through the development of polymer-based systems and solutions, their technologies, and the design of innovative products;

• Promote an effective R&DT culture and practice in the sector, providing the necessary human resources, physical infrastructure, and technical information;

• Respond, with excellence and promptly, to the companies' R&DT needs;

• Formalize the connection between the industry of the sector, the University of Minho, and its network of international contacts;

• Promote the participation of national companies in European R&D projects;

• Evidence the national endogenous capacity to respond, promptly, to specific innovation challenges;

• Encourage the development of its products or participate in consortia of national companies for that purpose;

• Improve the quality of human resources in polymer engineering, especially in applied R&D activities.

• Promote a culture of sustainable development in the environmental, sociological and economic vectors.

Quality and innovation policy

Aware of the role of PIEP in the production of knowledge, its application, and effective transfer to the industrial productive fabric, the PIEP Board of Directors and its Employees are committed to:

1. Assume compliance with the legislation in force applicable to its activities;

2. Develop and maintain, in a perspective of continuous improvement, the quality, innovation, environment, safety, and health management systems at work;

3. Promote the professional development of its employees, ensuring the alignment of their skills with the functions they perform;

4. Strengthen your relationship with your associates, customers, and partners to, based on a better understanding of your needs and expectations, improve your level of satisfaction;

5. Create value for its associates, customers, and partners on an ongoing basis;

6. Optimize available resources, stimulating creativity, capturing relevant information and knowledge, and disseminating the knowledge produced;

7. Focus your activity on the timely achievement of established goals.

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