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BioShoes4All Integrated Project – Innovation and Training of the footwear sector for a sustainable bioeconomy

The BioShoes4All integrated project has the ambition to induce a radical change in the materials, technologies, processes, and products of footwear and leather goods, producing knowledge and results beyond the current state of the art and practice, integrable and economically valuable, by the co-promoters and throughout the Cluster, contributing to promoting the Cluster’s transition to a Sustainable and Circular Bioeconomy.

This ambition is supported and possible given the entire established Consortium, made up of 69 Partners from different sectors, from design, biological resources, leather, polymers, composites, chemical products, machine manufacturers, communication and information technologies, logistics, waste recovery,
visionaries of the market, to retailers and manufacturers of footwear and leather goods, who will share resources and opportunities.


BioShoes4All has the following strategic objectives:

1. The development and production of new biomaterials and components, based on the principles of circular bioeconomy and sustainable development, in all its dimensions, creating differentiated solutions, valued by customers and consumers, contributing to catalyzing a new sustainable bioeconomy, the enhancement of efficient use of regional and national bioresources and decarbonization.

2. The creation of new concepts of eco-products for footwear and leather goods, based on the principles of the circular economy and carbon neutrality, with high functionality, innovative processes, and business models, fundamental in the strategy of differentiation and creation of value in the long term, oriented for the consumer, who appreciates design and fashion, wants to “define his product”, is informed, “socially and environmentally demanding and responsible” and often “digital”, of different age groups.

3. The design and application of new approaches and technologies aimed at minimizing and valuing production and post-consumption waste, in the context of a circular green economy, contributing to increasing the life cycle of materials, more efficient management of material and energy resources, carbon neutrality and the fight against climate change.

4. The development and use of advanced production technologies for the cluster, within the framework of new technological and sustainability paradigms, including tools for traceability of the entire value chain, robotics, the value from data or artificial intelligence, contributing to increasing the flexibility, productivity, competitiveness and resilience of the cluster.

5. The dissemination and demonstration of innovations in products, materials, and technologies, considering their interrelated life cycles, thus promoting new generations of products and services, increasing the sustainability of the entire value chain of the cluster and other clusters.

6. The qualification and broad communication of the transformation of the Footwear Cluster and immersion in Sustainable Bioeconomy and Digitization, to promote a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable society, valuing its differentiating factors.

The project is completely aligned with the objectives set out in the Economic Recovery Plan of Portugal 2020-2030, the notice for application submission, the PAEC, the PNEC, and the NEXT GENERATION-EU.


The full BioShoes4All consortium comprises 70 partners: 12 companies manufacturing leather goods and footwear, 13 leather goods, 12 materials and components, 1 bioresource, 5 chemical products, 5 production technologies and software, 1 Sonae retail, 2 associations, 1 Colab, and 18 RTD Entities. The leader (APICCAPS) and the project director (CTCP) have a great experience, management capacity, rapport, and excellent relationships with all partners.


Acronome: BioShoes4all

Title: BioShoes4all – Inovação e Capacitação da Fileira do Calçado para a Bioeconomia Sustentável

Beginning Date: 01/07/2022

Conclusion Date: 30/06/2024

Website: https://bioshoesforall.pt/

Technological Area: Various

Activity sector: Footwear

Global Budget: 41.000.000,00 €

Financing 1.057.602,00 €

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