Composites, Energy

Development of an ultralight carbon fibre wing for wind power generation from high altitude wind

Development of the first wind energy system based on kites with an autonomous launch and recovery system, producing 30kW of power.

The new wing replaces the previous “umbrella kite”, to achieve the necessary energy production and enable energy efficiency. It allows:

  • an economical lifespan as lightweight construction is combined with durability;
  • secure machine control even with sudden changes in wind direction and speed;
  • easy take-off in changing conditions as well as optimal power generation during climb;
  • that the controller is always informed about wind conditions on the wing, position, and orientation of the wing, and possible objects on a collision course, thanks to its sensors;
  • the achievement of the useful life of at least 12 months in continuous operation;
  • achieve a previously unattainable basis weight with very high wing loading.
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