Case Study

Development of innovative thermoplastic solutions for functional and antimicrobial non-woven fabrics

The InovPNT project aims, through a proof of concept validation, to boost the use of functional and modified thermoplastic materials in the development of textile substrates with improved antimicrobial and permeability properties, through polymeric materials processing technologies, combined with processing techniques of non-woven fabrics (TNTs).

For this purpose, polymeric formulations will be developed that include functional and/or antimicrobial nanomaterials that are compatible with the defined polymeric matrix, and that allow the development of a TNT that validates the proposed proof of concept, based on the skills and know-how of the consortium, as well as a prototype demonstrating the technology, framed in the needs of prevention and infection control.

90 Seconds of Science Report

Interview Textil Portugal

Article InterPLAST Magazine

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