Case Study

New Sustainable Modular Systems for Hydroponics

Currently, and in line with the need for high and efficient water management, combined with a growing necessity of high quantities of quality agricultural products, the cultivation technique in hydroponics has been highlighted, compared to traditional agriculture. Hydroponics consists of growing plants without soil, where a nutrient solution is given that guarantees the plant all the nutrients necessary for its growth and development.

In this context, the Nirvana project is engaged in the study, production, testing, and placing on the market of a new system for hydroponics which, when compared to the one currently produced, will bring the technical advantages of simplicity and speed of internal maintenance, maximizing issues such as efficiency in the elimination of fungi, bacteria, etc…

In this project, PIEP is responsible for identifying and selecting the polymeric materials and additives for them that are most suitable for hydroponic cultivation, taking into account the weather conditions, compatibility with the food to be used in the system, durability, and recyclability at the end of its life. To ensure these requirements, chemical, and physical tests will be developed. Taking these materials into account, PIEP also supports the design of practical and ergonomic solutions for assembling and maintaining these systems in an agile, comfortable, and safe way, reducing costs for producers.


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