Automotive, Product Development
Plascork Automotive

Development of automotive interior solutions integrating cork-based materials

The project developed components for interiors of the cabin in polymeric systems incorporating cork as a functional element, taking advantage of its properties and characteristics, and contributing to an increase in the use of eco-materials in the automotive market.

For this, the project brought together 3 partners with evident synergies and complementary knowledge and skills:

a) Simoldes Plásticos (SP), a national leader in the manufacture of plastic components for the automotive industry;

b) Amorim Cork Composites (ACC) belonging to the Amorim Group, the world leader in cork applications;

c) and the Centre for Innovation in Polymer Engineering (PIEP).

Innovative products for the automotive industry were developed using natural materials, and three applications of cork elements in plastic components were studied and investigated:

1) Impact absorbing cork element (Padding) replacing current solutions in synthetic materials.

2) Soundproofing cork element to replace current solutions in synthetic materials.

3) Decorative cork element as an asset for new enhancements to the interior design.

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