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The PRODUTECH R3 Innovation Pact (Recovery-Resilience-Reindustrialization) presents itself as a strategic and integrated initiative, composed of a set of Programs aimed at taking advantage of the transversality of production technologies and cross-fertilization processes, leveraging the positioning of companies in the production technology sector and promoting knock-on effects throughout the national economic fabric.

The PRODUTECH R3 project aims to induce a structural change in the Production Technologies Sector (FTP), enabling it to explore the significant investments that the industry will make with the green and digital transition, reducing external technological dependence, increasing the added value generated in the country and contributing to a change in the specialization of the Portuguese economy.

The PRODUTECH R3 innovation pact brings together a national consortium of 108 partners from different areas and sectors of the national industry, namely 45 companies Suppliers of Production Technologies, 37 companies Using Production Technologies in the Manufacturing Industry, 26 Entities of the National Scientific and Technological System, Technological Centers and Sector Entities.


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