Case Study

R2UTechnologies – modular systems

The Innovation Pact “R2UTechnologies | modular system” consists of the development and industrialization of a new disruptive modular construction concept. This concept will be developed in order to be able to respond to the growing needs of the market and the new challenges of the sector, particularly in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. As a result, the Pact will empower the business sector, the academic sector, and HR themselves with the means, knowledge, and key skills to create, on national soil, a cluster for the global supply of the modular construction sector, thus envisaging the launch of 18 PPS with a tradable and internationalizable profile at the end of the project.

R2U Technologies is structured into 7 Work Packages, each focused on a different segment of the construction sector’s value chain, from the design phase to the operation and maintenance of the building throughout its life cycle. The WPs aim to respond to the current and future needs of the sector, with the aim of creating a synergistic network between partners and relevant players, minimizing dependence on external markets.


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