Composites, Energy

Composite tanks for energy storage and transfer

This project provided the national industry with the capacity to produce innovative reservoirs in composite material for the storage of incompressible fluids under pressure (water, oil, fuel, etc.).

It also allowed Portuguese companies to provide the necessary technology to start manufacturing in Portugal advanced automatic filament winding equipment, with digital control, necessary so that these reservoirs with wide national commercial application could be produced, in a single piece and with the required production rates. and international.

The developed reservoirs, with a wide area of ​​use, intended primarily to be used as accumulators and in the transfer of energy in replacement, with evident advantages, of those traditionally applied in markets such as domestic and industrial water heaters, accumulators/heat exchangers of solar thermal panels, hydrostatic pressure accumulators for buildings and oil-hydraulic for elevators and industry, swimming pool filters, fuel tanks for vehicles and aircraft, etc.

PIEP is proud to maintain in its facilities, in excellent working conditions, the first prototype of automatic filament winding machine developed in this project.

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