Case Study

Wall Fit – Narrowband Internet of Things

Development of a modular wall with highly innovative features focused on technical development, prototyping, and the final validation of a WC that includes:

  • walls that are easier to assemble and install;
  •  lightness and high resistance to fire and sound insulation;
  • monitoring of air quality and use of NB-IOT technology in the flush cisterns with detection and monitoring of the flushing operation;
  • introduction to the flushing of additives that protect the flushing parts from limestone deposition.


The consortium aims to achieve a new constructive strategy for new housing and the rehabilitation market that allows a solution:

  • whose durability and life cycle cost assessment guarantee a lower cost;
  • with high environmental performance based on life cycle analysis;
  • that uses new communication technologies, namely NB-IOT with the objective of combining the well-being of the user and providing various information;
  • with the development of an additive to be applied in the production of thermoplastic parts to provide anti-scale characteristics.

Donwload project sheet.

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