01 June 2022
Opening of requests for assistance for SI Productive Innovation and SI I&DT

Requests for assistance for SI Productive Innovation and SI I&DT

Dear Associate/Partner, Customer (or Representative),

Aid Request Records are available for the following measures:

– Productive Innovation Incentive System;

– System of Incentives for Technological Research and Development (SI I&DT).

The registration of a Request for Assistance allows companies to start their investment projects, even before the formal approval of the Operational Programs and the respective publication of Notices for the submission of applications.

The registration of the aid application marks the beginning of the investment project and can only be used by the same beneficiary entity(ies) that will subsequently submit the application for funding.

This mechanism is particularly important for investment projects that need to carry out the first awards, signs, or even contracts by the end of 2022. Therefore, and as we understand that this matter is of possible interest to you, you will find below the official informative memoranda on these measures.

We remain at your disposal to provide additional clarifications and meetings to assess areas in which you may need PIEP support.

Pedro Mimoso – Business Development Director

E: pedro.mimoso@piep.pt

T: (+351) 253 510 073 M1: (+351) 93 666 46 54 M2: (+351) 91 321 54 36


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