Extrusion, Compounding and Advanced Materials

The Extrusion, Compounding and Advanced Materials area has a high technical know-how in thermoplastic compounding, through the incorporation of functional agents, organic and inorganic fillers, or even natural-based residues. These methodologies aim to develop granules based on compounds and masterbatches with specific and enhanced properties, which ultimately target the market requirements and specific applications.

Mechanical recycling tests

We are also prepared to develop mechanical recycling tests, through the extrusion of virgin and/or recycled polymer matrices, and by monitoring and adjusting the process, framed in what are the specifications of the raw materials, in order to have an effective number of recycling cycles that minimizes the technical and functional losses.

Reactive extrusion

An extremely versatile and complex methodology, adaptable to a wide range of applications and processes, including polymerization reactions, chemical modifications through branching and functionalization reactions, and physical modifications such as reactive mixing and compatibilization.

Monofilament for Additive Manufacturing

The area is qualified for the production of functional thermoplastic monofilament, within the scope of additive manufacturing technologies, more concretely Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) processes, for applications that range from the automotive sector to the aerospace industry.

Production of thermoplastic fibers

Currently, the Extrusion, Compounding and Advanced Materials area has the required skills and resources for the production of thermoplastic fibers with a diameter of less than 100 µm, directed towards the textile sector. These fibers can be added with several functional agents to enable specific technical features, such as antimicrobial properties.

Evaluation and Development of solutions directed towards the product and process requirements

The knowledge and experience of a multidisciplinary team allow us to offer technical-scientific support to product development, by evaluating the existing product in terms of both materials and processes, and by providing appropriate solutions and alternatives within the scope of the surrounding theme.


Support in the development of human resources with practical skills in the extrusion and composition processes of thermoplastic materials and industrial innovation in the field of polymer engineering, with a focus on advanced functional materials and alternative raw materials. We encourage the transfer of know-how resulting from the structured R&D activity.

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