11 January 2023
New Benefits and Discount Policy for PIEP Members

To reinforce our sense of mission and relationship with our members, and believing that tomorrow’s success begins with the work we do today, PIEP has updated its Members’ Benefits and Discounts Policy for the year 2023.

Among the new conditions, we highlight:

– Discounts on hiring laboratory testing services, technical consulting, and training, among others;
– Discounts on R&DT projects directly contracted to PIEP;
– Visits to associates to identify their needs and opportunities for joint R&D+i activities;
– Promotion with national and international collaboration networks to which PIEP is associated;
– Promotion in international contact networks to establish partnerships and participation in international R&TD projects;
– Application of associates’ logos on PIEP’s promotional material and dissemination of its activity on PIEP communication channels;
– Alerts on legislation, standards, funding opportunities, technological supply and demand, and relevant events for the sector;
– Priority and free support for the technical-scientific justification component of proposals for co-financed projects in which PIEP is a partner or subcontractor;
– Negotiable payment terms for the services provided.

For more information and details contact us.


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