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Better Plastics

Better Plastics

The BETTER PLASTICS – PLASTICS IN A CIRCULAR ECONOMY Project is a mobilizing program that aims to promote and develop more sustainable practices in the plastics industry.

The project consortium is formed by 25 entities representing the entire Plastics Sector in Portugal, involving several companies and public research entities with complementary scientific skills, which allow a complete approach to the different areas of knowledge for the sustainable development of the industry. The project has a global investment of ca. € 6.3M.

The project aims to promote circularity in the most diverse aspects of the industry and is therefore divided into 4 main areas of action. Having in common the concept of circularity, this is thus applied to Material Design, Product Design, Recycling, and Alternative and Sustainable Raw Materials.

PIEP will be the Scientific Coordinator of the Project and will participate at the level of research in the 4 main areas of action.

Donwload project sheet.

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