Research, development, prototyping, and testing of a new concept of modular urban air transport that integrates horizontal mobility with vertical mobility, by combining an autonomous electric vehicle with a drone.

The FLY.PT project aims to mobilize the national aeronautical industry to disrupt the future of urban air transport.

The prototype of a personal air transport system, at scale, will be developed, consisting of an autonomous aerial vehicle (drone), allowing air mobility, a vehicle autonomous car, allowing terrestrial mobility, and a cabin that can be attached to each of the two vehicles, creating an intermodal system.

Additionally, the project will develop, prototype, and test propulsion elements, energy storage, autonomy, coupling and integration, industrial design, and usage concepts demonstrated by a mockup of the cabin at 1: 1 scale, to demonstrate national capacity in this aeronautical subsector. FLY.PT is part of a national response strategy to the challenges created by sustainable development in aeronautics.

The mobilizing project has the participation of Caetano Aeronautic; SETSA; Optimal Structural Solutions; CONTROLAR; Almadesign; TEKEVER II; INEGI; CEIIA; ISQ; INESC TEC; IPL; ISEP; PIEP; AEDCP; EMPORDEF; Universidade de Évora; CODI; FHP; Stratosphere.

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Photos: Example of new transport system concept to develop | Source: AIRBUS

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