Case Study
Bordalo II Coin

Bordalo II coin

The world of art joined the world of engineering and as a result, recycled plastic was included on both sides of a single silver coin.

After the “O Clima” coin, PIEP – Innovation in Polymer Engineering and INCM Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda joined forces again and this time managed to transform Bordalo II’s unique vision into an innovative piece

A coin was created with two distinct halves, one half in 100% recycled plastic and one half in silver. Adding to the project’s complexity, the plastic component involved the overmoulding of 3 reused layers of material, giving new life to waste, culminating in a product with added value.

PIEP was responsible for producing the 4,000 polymeric inserts used to mint the INCM coin by artist Bordalo II.

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