15 June 2023
PIEP integrates 3-D MID global network

PIEP is now a member of the 3-D MID Research Association, becoming the first Portuguese member of this cluster!

This association was founded in 1992 with the objective to promote and develop Mechatronic Integrated Devices – MID, through joint industrial research and targeted knowledge transfer. The technologies are constantly developed to further increase the market position of its approx. 100 members among industrial companies and research institutions.

Today, 3-D MID e.V. represents one of the world’s largest network communities.

At PIEP we develop innovative and advanced products through Laser Direct Structuring – LDS technology, which allows to incorporate electrical and mechanical functions on the surface of 3D polymeric parts. PIEP members can access the knowledge and experience of this global network through PIEP.


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