21 January 2021
APEX Project – from PIEP to the sea

The APEX project – Combating Pollution in Explosive Atmospheres emerged as a concrete answer to an existing serious problem in the naval sector: the lack of adequate and properly prepared vessels for carrying out work in high-risk scenarios.

The objective of the APEX project was thus to create for the market the first vessel in the world capable of acting efficiently and completely safely in combating pollution in various scenarios of extreme risk.

At the end of the project’s execution, it was possible to make available to the national and international market, the first vessel with ATEX certification (products certified to operate in explosive atmospheres).

Summary video of the APEX project development:

Vessel with ATEX

With a holistic view, the 9-meter-long vessel was the result of extensive work at the level of several subsystems: pressurized compartments; propulsion system; noise and vibration monitoring tools; and structure in advanced composite materials.

Equipped with the best technology, and with exceptional structural resistance, the vessel ensures that the levels of exposure of the crew to various physical and chemical agents are within the limits of what is internationally recommended for carrying out work in explosive environments (ATEX certification ).

The APEX project was a joint effort by PIEP – Innovation Pole in Polymer Engineering, SWB – Seismic Workboats Lda, AMY – Antartic Module Yard SA and DBWAVE.I – Acoustic Engineering SA started in 2016.


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