05 January 2021
Technological Interface Centers: a bridge between science and the market

Technological Interface Centers (CIT) are Research, Development, and Innovation (R&D+I) entities dedicated to the transfer of technology and the promotion of innovation in companies.

CITs have played an important role in the articulation between the institutions of the scientific system and companies in several areas, including improvements in quality and efficiency in production, support for innovation activities, access to technologies in development, training of human resources, and processes of certification, according to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 84/2016.

Technological Interface Centers as engines of innovation

In a country considered as a “strong innovator”, according to the European Innovation Scoreboard 2020, CITs are constituted as central entities of the innovation system and as agents of valorization of scientific and technological knowledge, capable of training companies, especially SMEs, in R&D and innovation activities.

European Innovation Scoreboard 2020

With researchers with a high level of scientific and technological knowledge, a CIT manages to combine talent, scientific and technical training, guaranteeing quality in meeting the needs of organizations and the market.

Order No. 8563/2019, of 27 September, recognizes 31 entities in Portugal as Interface Centers.

PIEP is, since 2018, one Technological Interface Center recognized by ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação,

that acts in areas such as:

  • Production Technologies
  • Materials Technologies
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Environment | Quality | Security | Metrology.


PIEP presents itself as a strategic partner for the implementation of research and innovation processes in companies, helping to develop innovative processes, services, and products, always based on scientific and technological knowledge with high added value. For more information contact us.


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