16 April 2021
Sustainable materials of the future in the aeronautics/aerospace, railway and automotive sectors

Sustainable materials of the future in the Aeronautics/Aerospace, Railway, and Automobile sectors” was the topic of the debate, promoted by ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação on April 15th.

This innovative conversation was promoted by ANI in partnership with PIEP – Centre for Innovation in Polymer Engineering.

Over the next few years, several changes are expected in the different economic sectors, especially those linked to transport and mobility. These changes stem from the same concern – sustainability – with the development of new materials and manufacturing processes that allow us to achieve more with less, that is, to obtain more quality and efficiency, with less energy, environmental, and transport costs.

In this Innovation Talk, the sustainable materials of the future to be applied in 3 major sectors were analyzed: automotive, railway, aeronautics/aerospace. Portugal wants to take a path in these sectors, with the development of new solutions, solutions that put us on the right path – the path of sustainability.


The debate was moderated by Nuno Guimarães, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PIEP, and had the contribution of Paulo Antunes, Senior Engineer and Technical Manager in the area of Mechanics and Materials at Stratosphere SA, José Rui Marcelino, founder of Almadesign, and Júlio Grilo, Director of the Research and Innovation department at Simoldes Plásticos.

The Innovation Talks have the main objective to promote dialogue around the main challenges of today and demonstrate the importance of innovation as an engine of economic and social growth. These conversations are broadcast live via Facebook and are also available on ANI’s website and YouTube channel, so they can be viewed or reviewed.

Learn more about Innovation Talk here


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